Wednesday, January 26, 2011

EMRs and iPAD strategy

Austin Merritt, Chief Operating Officer of Software Advice, feels that EMR companies are slow to develop an iPad strategy:

"The medical software industry is far from supporting the iPad on a meaningful scale."
"... only a handful of other vendors (most notably AllScripts and Quest) have released iPad apps to supplement existing EHR systems".

I personally have been using RDP on my iPhone and have found it to work great for my Windows applications. In fact, we've been developing our internal Windows based applications with iPhone and iPad in mind, using these applications via RDP is similar in ease of use as native iPhone/iPad apps.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Neat Medical Apps for the iPhone

This iPhone App determines your pulse rate and even displays a tracing. even better, its free!

This App, not yet released, will actually give a single lead EKG tracing. It's the invention of an Oklahoma physician, Dr David Albert, and is currently in process of getting FDA approval.

commercialize your healthcare IT

Good points raised here.

Skype for Telemedicine

This could open up new possibilities, Skype for Telemedicine. I see charging patients a flat monthly fee as a better option than charging per visit.