Sunday, August 26, 2007

HL7 Resources

I thought it would be a good idea to put information and links to HL7 resources for those of us who live and breath HL7.

BizTalk, HL7 : – General HL7 issues, debugging HL7 messages and how BizTalk interacts with the messages – general BizTalk issues, HIPAA related issues

HL7 Tools:
This company has a suite of other HL7 tools, take a look: Easy HL7
They have a product, HL7 Viewer which seems to be a fairly inexpensive HL7 viewer. It would be useful in examining the contents of HL7 v2x data.

Website with a List of HL7 Tools
This blog has a very extensive list of resources.

NeoTools has many HL7 resources.
The HL7 Evolution
HL7 Browsing Product
NeoIntegrate Interface Engine
HL7 Blog A great way to learn and improve your HL7 knowledgebase.

Microsoft HL7
HL7 v2 Developers Guide
Health Connection Engine (not an HL7 resource strictly-speaking, but is an open source project for a healthcare specific "Enterprise Service Bus". This has relevance for those interested in developing a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) for their healthcare IT infrastructure.

HL7 Tools & Resources Page
HL7 tools

Mapping Lab Values to normalized codes


Dave said...

You might also consider the HL7 browsing product and HL7/XML interface engine from NeoTool. They also have a good introduction
to HL7
whilte paper that covers both HL7 2.X and 3.X.

KDVeil said...

Hi Mark,

In your resources page, you may want to add a link to the "HL7 Tools & Resources Page" at

For a simple introduction to HL7, your readers may appreciate the HL7 FAQ at

Hope you find this useful.