Thursday, August 23, 2007

We just presented at Microsoft MSHUG Tech Conference

We just presented our RHIO project, at MS-HUG, the Microsoft Healthcare Users group Tech Conference in Redmond. Our topic was "Winning Trust and Minimizing IT Resources".

Roberto Ruggeri , a Senior Technical Strategist with Microsoft Worldwide Health gave a review of our presentation on his blog. Roberto was very helpful and we would like to give him our thanks

Eric Stott, our "famous" BizTalk architect, was with us and commented on his blog. Byron Byfield, a fine specialist in healthcare payor-side data analytics, promises he will have something to say soon on his new blog.

I was joined in the presentation by Kate Sullivan, who provided an excellent background on SEMRHIO and the current RHIO climate.

The topic was on how choosing the "right" Trust model for data sharing and minimizing IT resources by centralizing common services, there is a greater chance for getting buy-in from competing community hospitals to join to form a RHIO, since the two main barriers to forming a RHIO, trust and IT infrastructure can be overcome to a large degree.

Typically, cost and security issues end up being why many RHIO fail to go beyond the planning phase. In fact, several RHIOs, after spending anywhere from $500,000 to a few million, end up closing their operations. A few weeks ago, the Portland RHIO, and a few months ago, the very high profile Sanata Barabara RHIO.

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