Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Wound Care EMR Screenshots

A very good demo of a wound care application.


Mark Rickard said...

I am curious as to what makes it a good demo and a good product for wound care.

Mark Singh MD said...

I'm not sure about how "good" their product is in real life, but they do a good job at showing the functionality of their software. Most vendors tend to show very little of their software. Rather, they require one to sign up for a live demo. I appreciate the openness of this vendor in not being afraid to demonstrate the functionality their product with real screen shots.

Kelly said...

Who markets this software ? Are there others other than WoundExpert with I dislike. 817-797-6599. Kelly

Mark said...

Excellent post! I think also a great benefits of the EMR is that it saves medical offices the "green" while benefiting the environment.

Good luck.

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