Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Telepsychiatry, the next growth area...

Telepsychiatry is being touted as the next growth area in telemedicine. It is widely recognized that there is a shortage of psychiatry nationwide, especially in the in-patient, emergency room setting. Telemedicine would enable psychiatrists and other mental health professionals to provide care to a wider group of patients across multiple settings. Read this article for more information.

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Gerard Szatvanyi said...

This is a very interesting topic. Actually, Gartner analysts predict that, by 2009, healthcare investments in IT will increase by more than 50 percent, which could enable clinicians to reduce the level of preventable deaths by 50 percent by 2013. Of course, nowadays most healthcare organizations have already invested in IT outsourcing, for anything from Telco and Wireless, to Application Data Development (i.e. LIMS, SOA), or even Business Process Management.
We’ve put together a detailed white paper on these subjects: . What is your experience with IT outsourcing in healthcare? Are these figures close to your personal experience or do you think there are certain issues we’ve missed covering? I strongly appreciate your professional opinions.