Thursday, October 11, 2007

Open Source EMR

I just came across some information on an open source EMR on the EMR Update site. The website is located here. Looks fairly interesting. There are a set of very basic screen shots which gives an idea to the look and feel, but also explains the thought process behind the user interface design.

The design of the UI is based on the classic MVC pattern or the Model-View-Controller design pattern. If you're interested in how to implement the MVC pattern in .NET, look at this.

There is an architecture document, but is seems a bit sparse. It does at least show the organization for the project.

The best part is the data model, which is provides a fair amount of detail. It follows a fairly classic healthcare data model for "Patients", "Orders", "Medications" and "Laboratory" entities.

All in all, it looks like fairly neat project. We need more such open source efforts to make the adoption of health IT more affordable. I hope more independent and highly motivated developers take the plunge and really do for Healthcare IT what they did for personal computers and software in the 1980, and the Internet in the 1990's. We can't allow Healthcare IT to be monopolized by the big companies.


Health Train Express said...

Dear Mark;

Thank you for your comment re:
I have added your blog to my list of links at HealthTrain Express

Gary Levin MD

HI_Research said...

Dear Mark,

This is a lot of open source activity in healthcare IT and has been for at least 10 years.

Take a look at and just for starers.

The data model used by PatientOS displays the classic problem of developers not understanding the complexity of healthcare information.

Tim Cook

Greg said...

Hi Tim,

The data model is small portion of all the tables, and a tiny fraction of what will be the final data model.

Certainly there will always be a conflict between modelling all clinical relationships in an HIS system and the constraints of performance and the level software complexity.

I am attempting to fulfill user requirements but time will tell and the medical community will determine if PatientOS is a system they will approve of.

I am always interested to learn more and I would be happy to talk further on the phone and understand your full perspective.



Daphne said...

Hey there, awesome blog. I really like it.
This is an awesome radiology software program. Check it out!

Let me know what you think.