Friday, October 26, 2007

PriMed East Boston follow-up

PriMed in Boston this year came and went (see my previous post). Since the conference moved from the Hyne's center in the heart of Boston, near Copley and the Prudential Plaza, to the new convention center on the waterfront, it has become less exciting each year. In the past there was always a vast collection of vendors, especially EMR vendors. This year however, I felt there was barely a handful. Notably absent was eClinicalworks . It also seemed that the physician attendance was also considerably lower.

The Hynes site was much move vibrant due to its presence in the Boston. The new convention center in contrast seems to be in the middle of nowhere, tucked in the midst of warehouses and other industrial buildings. I do hope PriMed organizers take notice and return the conference to the Hyne's.

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