Sunday, December 9, 2007

Telemedicine Provider: Interactive Care

As part of my ongoing work in telemedicine and Health IT, I come across innovative companies that I think are worth looking at.

Recently I had the opportunity to speak to Michael Z. Jones, CEO of Interactive Care, a telemedicine company that "provides Internet-based, software-only service to extend care to under-served patient populations". They have a model that greatly reduces the cost of telemedicine over traditional systems by providing the service on a hosted, "software-only service" model.
They provide the complete package: the technology as well as the actual telemedicine care services.
I like the impressive demo that they have on their website. One of their key strengths is their integration to EMRs.

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The demo shows the real potential for telemedicine. This type of application can lead to saving lives and make healthcare more cost effective.
People not able to easily get to doctors because of location or disability could really benefit from this.
The real problem though is access. We need affordable high speed internet for all. The Communications Workers Of America are hard at work on this problem.
Check out the website at