Tuesday, December 11, 2007

PHR Standards

FierceHealthIT had an interesting link to an article on PHR standards development:
Health insurers, HL7 team to create portable PHRs

Its nice to hear that HL7 is developing a PHR standard, however, I wonder if companies like Microsoft (see HealthVault) will the ones to create a de-facto, practical PHR standard that one can actually implement using existing tool sets. From my own experience with HL7 v3, I don't have much confidence that standards committees can put together something that is practical in implementation. See my previous post on HL7 v3 implementation.

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Jamie said...

Wow -- so you actually have seen systems with v3? I am more commonly using v2.3.

I'm currently engaged on a project which will require identifying patients across the system. The highest accuracy I've ever gotten on these (I think this is case 11 or 12 for me) is about 95%, but that was with an ULTRA clean data set. How can we expect the nation will be able to do something that individual businesses can't???