Friday, September 7, 2007

I came across this today:

Mark Hagland is a contributing writer based in Chicago
RHIO Steps to Success—A Sarcastic Look
Are the real RHIO keys to success more about hot air than about healthcare?
The following comes from Mr. HIStalk's blog,

Guide to RHIOs for CIOs, in easy steps:
Participate eagerly in meetings
with your competitors as they talk about sharing data, making sure to speak in
generalities and offering no participation beyond attending more meetings.
back to your co-workers and sneer at how stupid your competitors are and how
backward their systems are compared to yours.
Report back to your fellow VPs
that there's really nothing in it for your organization, but that you'll listen
politely and avoid all commitments just so no one gets mad.
Respond to latest
of 100 surveys asking about RHIOs, making sure to wax poetic about the wonderful
possibilities that will result from the electronic hand-holding that RHIOs will
bring, knowing full well it won't happen until benefits are offered to those
Go back to your co-workers and make fun of all the folks who've
forgotten CHINs and therefore are doomed to repeat history.
Ignore sales
pitches from vendor RHIO participants who got involved only to troll for new
Go back to your co-workers and make fun of the IT organization of
the local IPA or medical society, consisting of one doctor's brother-in-law
armed with an AA degree and an A-Plus certificate.
Prioritize your IT shop's
involvement in RHIO work somewhere between “get rid of all the cubes and give
everyone an office” and “seriously consider moving all desktops and servers to
open source operating systems.”
Go back to your co-workers and explain to the
bright-eyed among them who ask about RHIOs that it's “no margin, no mission” and
that it will be a cold day in hell when you voluntarily share your exquisitely
created and managed information with the clueless barbarians across town with
their pathetic IT systems.
Get on the speaking circuit and HIMSS advocacy
groups to make sure your attendance at RHIO meetings is rewarded with industry
visibility as a RHIO thought leader.

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