Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Telemedicine in Diabetic Disease Management

Just read an article forwarded to me by FierceHealth, "Trend: Managing chronic diseases remotely, with mobile tech". Devices will play a big role in remote patient monitoring and disease management. Diabetes is a perfect example. An electronic device, the Glucometer plays a central role in the management of diabetes, unlike, say Rheumatoid arthritis, a condition for which there is no electronic device for monitoring. What a great way to combine diabetic management with existing communication technologies by building a glucometer into a cellphone and taking advantage of the remote monitoring capabilities.

See this article: "Trend: Managing chronic diseases remotely, with mobile tech":
"HealthPia's GlucoPhone, which combines a glucometer with a cell phone, is being used by fewer than 100 patients nationwide since FDA granted it premarket approval last year. HealthPia charges $79 as part of an introductory package for its GlucoPhone, as long as patients also pay for the service from its selected
telephone carrier, LogicMobile. Patients also have to purchase testing strips
that must be used in conjunction with the phone, although Medicare reimburses
patients for the strips."

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Greg said...

Another system worth looking at is t+ diabetes from t+ Medical

This system works with a mobile phone and supports a Bluetooth link to a Lifescan glucose meter. The clinician or patient can then view data and charts on a secure website.