Saturday, September 15, 2007

IT Workers with Server Virtualization Skills in High Demand

I recently blogged about server virtualization on my Virtualization for "dummies" post. Well the HIS-Talk blog took me to this article: Help wanted: IT workers with server virtualization skills

Now I knew Virtualization was somehow going to tie back to healthcare, and RHIOs, even though it seems strictly a "techie" topic. Here is mention of HealthBridge, one of the few self sustaining RHIOs in the country:

Virtualization for RHIOs

"Jeff Perry, IT manager at HealthBridge, a
not-for-profit organization in Cincinnati that electronically connects area
hospitals and other medical facilities so doctors can exchange patient data,
began deploying virtualization software six months ago."

Demand for IT workers
"As more organizations adopt server virtualization
software, they're also looking to hire people who have worked with the
technology in live applications..."

Benefits of Virtualization:

"...after seeing how virtualization has led to
server consolidation, the removal of old hardware and lower power and cooling
costs at Carter & Burgess, Youngers is convinced that it's a need-to-know
technology for IT workers. "You are going to have to get on board," he

If you're interested in Virtualization in Healthcare, read on: Here is an opinion paper by IBM on Virtualization in Healthcare.

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