Thursday, November 22, 2007

Benefits of Telemedicine

Another report talking about the cost savings that can be realized by the implementation of telemedicine/telehealth.

Savings of $4.28 billion annually

Fierce Health had some interesting comments on this.

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California is the apparent leader in telemedicine. CA will be working on important issues such as reimbursement.

CITL Research

Telehealth Technologies Report Good discussion on the savings and benefits of telemedicine in various care settings: nursing homes, hospitals, correctional facilities etc.


Michael said...

There are three driving themes to be addressed before widespread adoption of telemedicine technology is possible. First, any successful technology must be simple enough that a doctor and patient, regardless of past computer experience, can use the system. Second, access to communication must be available from anywhere at any time. Finally, solutions must be made available at a fraction of the cost of current options.

Until these three areas are addressed, adoption of telemedicine technologies will continue to be slow at best.

Mark Singh MD said...

You hit some really key points.
Cost is a big issue as you gave mentioned.