Thursday, November 1, 2007

TeleHealth and HealthVault ?

If you are interested in TeleHealth, read this facinating account of how Microsoft's HealthVault can serve as a "HIE Type" platform rather than point-to-point connections from device to nurse to doctor. HealthVault in essence can be a central "patient centric" application to which all data would be sent. Read on...

HealthVault Lays a Foundation to Build Scale for Telehealth
Today, telehealth applications are based on point to point
relationships: home health agency to patient; disease management company
to patient; health system to patient.
Telehealth devices and their
connectivity are similar. There is a proprietary chain of key components for a
remote patient monitoring (RPM) solution: 1) the RPM device; 2) a gateway
-- which could be mobile like the
Cardio Messenger
or static like a personal computer -- to aggregate data
from multiple devices and move data to a server-based application; and 3) the
server application that stores and manages the data in accordance with the
application, e.g., glycemic control, medication compliance, etc.

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