Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Yahoo, Google and our Privacy, what's there to fear?

This morning I read:
"...Yahoo chief under fire over Chinese dissident ...". Apparently Yahoo provided personal Email data from a Chinese dissident that led to his imprisonment . It really should make you think about just how much of our personal information is out there and what some of the consequences can be when our privacy is compromised.

And just today, I also just read about the Candid CIO's enthusiasm about Google's new StreetView:

"Only a nerd like me would be excited about this"

"It allows you to see 360 pictures of the streets in Google maps. Google has mostly taken pictures of the streets in big cities."

"Yesterday, Just as I was arriving home from work there was a car with a fancy camera mounted on a pole that extended high above the roof. On the side of the car was a magnetic Google sign."

I don't know about you, but I'd get a bit nervous about having Google or any one else having even more info on me. And to think now that we are too also have them keep our personal health records (PHR). We really need to think this through carefully.

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